I would Love to Call Not-So Passive Income Technique

I discovered how powerful the internet was a few year ago, at the tender age of 19, and I have since been immersed in various ways of creating income for myself through the internet.

I didn’t intend to be a writer at first, but the internet opened my eyes to the possibility of greatness that can be achieved by writing via seo pricing packages.

My first attempt at being a writer was by blogging and I was only doing it to contribute my part to the internet and make some income; I had no aim of becoming a “focused” writer.

After around 8 months of starting my blog, I got my first unsolicited client willing to pay me to write.

I wanted to ignore the opportunity at first, but since it never hurts to find out more I decided to ask the client what he was willing to pay; I was amazed at the price. I started making a lot of money just by writing and I decided to make writing a career.

Being a writer exposed me to some realities, though, and one thing that really frustrates me is how writers are being treated like they’re worthless, especially online. The best way I learnt was via purdue owl apa writing lab.

If you’re a writer, you have great talent in you that the world should appreciate. Being able to express your thoughts in your writing isn’t something everyone has the courage to do, and the fact that you’re even willing to put your thoughts into writing means you deserve respect; from clients, from readers, from everybody else.

You should be paid well for your skills. You should be given the opportunity to think creatively and progress, and you shouldn’t be forced to think that you suck, because you don’t! You’re in no form worthless.

You have potential that should be appreciated, and the main aim of this post is to help you realize that potential to the fullest.


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